Turn Your Biggest “Weakness” Into A Strength Now #EP62

Your ‘weakness’ doesn’t have to always hold you back. In fact, it can be empowering, if you start to look at your life from a different perspective. In this episode I want to share with you more about the process of transformation and a cool story from a call that I was on yesterday.

When an entrepreneur, a CEO, or a founder, it’s important you can operate effectively, efficiently, and powerfully – all of these things come when you bring your unconscious into your conscious mind.

It’s important to understand how transformation works so you can use it to move forward to the next level of your life and drive your business forward.

Become Conscious

When you become aware of something and it shifts from being unconscious to conscious it enables you to evolve as a person – your relationships improve, you become a better leader in your business, and you get to your next level financially.

Your self-awareness is key.

Your moment of power comes when you become aware of things in your life that you were unaware of – this is when you experience shifts.

There are things you feel or do that you’re unaware of, and you have things you’re aware of but you choose not to take action on – these can be basic things going on within you that cause you to feel confused and anxious.

Unconscious feelings can lead to depression because your mind doesn’t understand what’s happening within you, so having self-awareness means things move from your unconscious to your conscious allowing your transformation to happen.

Empower Yourself

When you allow your mindset to shift you appreciate that what you perceive as your weaknesses can be your strengths and you can use them to your advantage.

You realize how you can become empowered, not disempowered by the traits you have, and you can gain momentum in all areas of your life. 

If you feel your weakness is caring too much about what people think, you can turn that around and use it as strength. You can use your caring personality, and your empathy, to create amazing conversations and connect with people on a deep level.

This is a great power to have when you’re running your own business.

Your strengths are key to your development and your personal and professional growth. You do yourself and your business a disservice when you think of yourself as having weaknesses instead of strength.

When you suppress who you are it holds you back, it disables you, and you’re unable to use it as a strength in your business.

Your journey in transformation means you’re continuously diving into things because they are brought from your unawareness into your awareness.

When you become self-aware you gain new layers.

You become stronger and you build a more confident version of yourself. You’re able to take more action and become more courageous.

These are some of the traits that enable entrepreneurs and leaders to grow and scale companies without sacrificing their health.

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