Incubate Your Clients So They Hatch As Winners #63

This one is for the coaches and consultants out there who may need to learn ways to get better results with their clients, or maybe you’re someone who knows deep down you need to be incubated. This takes an honest conversation with yourself.

People would approach me, and ask for strategy. I love strategy. I love building brands, taking an idea, scaling it, and growing it. I’ve done it with multiple six-figure and seven-figure businesses and I love helping other people do that, but as I started working with individuals we would always hit a wall.

We would dive into the strategy, but something would cause a block – meaning they were unable to move forward.

As we started having conversations about relationships and other personal issues, we would begin to unravel the real reasons for the block and lack of action.

Mindset Matters

Many years ago when I ran my company Fitpreneurs I made mindset training compulsory and it made such a big difference to people that I recently decided for anyone to work with me on business strategy, they must first go through a mindset program.

You want to get to your best possible place if you want to scale your business. 

When you’re trying to get your business to the next level, you’re going to face a lot of mental challenges and obstacles – this is why emotional intelligence is so important. 

Many people think emotions have nothing to do with the success of a business, but when you need to take action on something in your business yet you’re unable to, you must break through the reason why you cannot take your next step.

My goal is to bring awareness to the reasons why you can’t take action.

If you’re in fear because you’re avoiding a feeling, the process of unraveling your emotions is critical in developing your emotional intelligence.

Release Yourself

When you release the weights that are holding you back, you start to clear out things emotionally and you gain new mental skills. Your new skills help you to prevent blocks from coming up for you in the future – or if blocks do come up, you can see them, be aware of them, and move past them.

I want to help you maximize your investment. I’ve heard so many times that a program didn’t work or someone didn’t get results.

I know of many people who bought training, and they didn’t complete it – not because they didn’t have the desire or they didn’t intend to, but they either didn’t have the drive to complete it, or they reached a block they weren’t able to move past.

Imagine living in a world where you don’t have blocks so you’re able to work through information, take action, and get results!

If you are a coach or a consultant, and you work with people, focus on this idea of maximizing results, tightening systems up, or even making big changes to what you’re doing, because in the long term, you’re going to get happier clients they’re going to get better results.

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