The Bald Headed Belief That Cut Off My Confidence #64

Once upon a time, I had a full head of hair that made me feel super confident about myself, but then something happened and that changed how I felt about myself. This is an important lesson for anyone who has limiting stories about themselves.

About 10 years ago during the drinking phase of my life, I was in a nightclub when a guy walked up to me and said “dude, your hair is thinning so much.”

Even though I was drunk, it hurt, and in the weeks after I felt humiliated, inferior, and inadequate. I was already in a dark place when he hurt my feelings – I wasn’t in the financial place I wanted to be, I had a lot going on in relationships and I remember feeling confused about where I wanted to be in my life.

Because I was super sensitive and emotionally weak I created the story that women didn’t like guys without hair and so I didn’t date for many years – I created a neural pathway in my brain and wired negative stories about myself that badly impacted my self-esteem and my confidence.

Delve Deep

When negative events happen to you they can cripple you, and for a business owner, it’s devastating.

When an event happens to you it amplifies something going on deep within you that you need to tackle and resolve.

You think just one is causing an issue for you but it’s never about just about one thing, there are always deeper issues – one issue can trigger you and tip you over the edge; when I started working on myself I discovered my deep lack of confidence, low self-esteem, and unhealed trauma were at the root of my pain.

Change Your Belief Patterns

When you go through a belief shift process you can create monumental changes and shift gears in your business and your life. It’s a powerful process because once you start to learn how to change your beliefs you begin to get your power back.

If you’re in a negative mental spiral and you don’t know how to catch yourself in those moments or you don’t have the tools to lift yourself out, you start to limit yourself in the actions you take.

You create a ‘thing’ in your mind that you tell yourself is real, but it isn’t real, it’s something you created.

Think about this when it comes to your next level potential – If you’re struggling to take action and you can’t move through, it’s due to the belief system you have with yourself right now. If you want to break through a financial barrier or you want to be in a conscious relationship the belief system you currently have in place will determine your situation.

Your belief systems change everything.

Become aware of the things you’re telling yourself throughout the week, especially in the moments when you’re feeling depressed and anxious.

You are in control of what you can do about your situation. When you commit to going deeper than you have gone before, you bring things from your unconscious into your conscious mind, enabling you to do something about it.

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