How Giving Back Got Me Out Of My Darkness #65

I reached a turning point in my life when I experienced what it truly felt like to give to those who had little or nothing. In this episode I wanted to share with you a few stories of how giving back has helped me and how you can start to give back to others, especially if you’re feeling down.

Years ago when I was in Las Vegas for a mastermind we were given the task of spending a lot of money in a certain time frame. When we got to our final thirty minutes and we still had a lot of money to spend, I had the idea to give the money away.

My heart was pounding as we got out of our limousine armed with hundred dollar bills  – I remember the shock on people’s faces as I paid for someone’s grocery shopping and the tears of gratitude from a man who needed help; we found him with his car bonnet open so we handed him a $100 bill.

That experience made a real impact on me and it was during that time that I started to learn the art of giving back.

The Art Of Giving 

I learned more about the art of giving when I listened to ‘The Power Of Intention’ by Wayne Dyer. He explained that when you give to somebody you’re not just doing it for yourself or the person you’re giving to, but it’s also about people observing your positive action – everybody benefits. You feel happier, the person you’ve helped feels happier, and the people observing what you’ve done feel happier too.

During some of my darkest moments, I’ve got back to feeling myself by giving to other people.

When I was going through a tough time I decided to give some money away. I went on social media and all kinds of people started to share why they needed $100 – what surprised me was the generosity of other people who came into the conversation wanting to offer things to the people in need.

I decided to gift the money to someone who needed help to move from a low number on a housing register to score higher. A lot of kindness came through one social media conversation and it reminded me why giving was so important.

At that point, I started to give more money and things away. Click here to find out what else I gave away…

As I started to gift more things to people, and as I’ve evolved, I’ve replaced my scarcity mindset with an abundance mindset.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have, you can always give to someone.

When I’ve been feeling hopeless, like there wasn’t a way out, the action of giving has brought me back to having a positive mindset and feeling good about myself and other people – if you’re in a bad place right now, I would encourage you to give to someone else too.

Cultivate Kindness

It could be a coffee, it could be a thing, it might just be something you already that you can gift – maybe you have books sat on your shelf, and you want to give those away.

Take an action today that starts you on your path of giving – however you decide to give to others, you can shift the way you’re feeling and light other people up.

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