How To Have Happiness Trauma From Your Heart #67

Over the years I’ve learned more and more about the power of the heart and it’s easy to close off and protect ourselves. In this episode, I want to introduce you to the idea of happiness trauma, where we start to connect more deeply, love ourselves and love others.

I conditioned myself to not live in the space of my heart. I used to close myself off to protect myself, but when you access your heart you become extremely powerful because you live from a place of creation and confidence

I went through pain in my childhood that caused me a lot of emotional pain and trauma – negative issues you don’t resolve manifest into things such as anxiety, depression, and anger, but you can learn to understand trauma, enabling you to get back into the flow and force of your life.

Breaking through into the positive place in your heart can be so powerful for your well-being – you feel improved energy and focus, and you’re able to be your best self.

Heart Power

When you recognize the coherence between your heart and your mind and you understand how they connect, you allow yourself to live in the space of your heart.

Become intelligent in the subtleties of understanding yourself.

This means you can ask yourself if you are in your heart or have you moved away from it? I used to genuinely say I was grateful or I had compassion, but I didn’t truly feel it because I didn’t know the difference between caring about something and actually feeling it. That can be a struggle for a lot of people. 

Now, when I go deeper into my heart space I well up and have tears running down my face because I’ve felt something so deep in my heart that it touched my soul.

Imagine you have a plant in the center of your heart closing and opening. When it’s open it’s energy force is focus, power, and energy. When it closes, your body tightens up. Your shoulders become tight and you feel frustration, irritation, and compulsion. You start to feel stuck, like nothing’s working. This is when you’re pessimistic instead of feeling hopeful, proactive, and confident.

Link your feelings and your physicality so you’re aware of when your heart is open or closed.

Create Happiness Trauma

There is a positive aspect of trauma so you feel positive energy – I get into a space in my heart so I feel its energy and I focus on it, it changes my body posture, the way I think, and it changes the way that I see things throughout the day. It has a huge positive impact on my well-being. 

With the opening of your heart, you can create a positive trauma – a heart eruption! 

Ride that wave for as long as possible. The longer you spend in the space of your heart makes you more aware of the times when you’re not

I’ve conditioned myself to be in the space of my heart. It’s an ongoing journey through consistency and the depth of the work I do on myself and with my clients. It’s important to be very energetically aware of how you’re feeling and how bad energy transmits to other people and how that energy affects business.

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