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4-Steps To Overcoming Entrepreneur Porn Addiction #66

Is your life being negatively impacted by porn addiction? In this podcast I wanted to share the 4 steps that are very important on the path to recovery for an Entrepreneur. When you take these steps you will start to set yourself free.

Porn is often a taboo topic – it can be surprising to learn that porn addiction takes hold of some people so much that it damages relationships, ruins jobs, or can even force a person’s business to close.

My first experience with porn was when I found a magazine on the ground. I was walking by a river with friends when we came across it, it was soaking wet and covered in mud, but we were curious so we flicked through its pages.

Later on, during my adolescence I discovered a pornographic game on a computer, the goal was to remove pictures so the image of a woman was revealed – I also remember giggling in the newsagents at top-shelf magazines like Playboy, but things changed when pornographic videos and film became easily accessible later on in my life.

Addictive Patterns

I had an addictive pattern of drinking on the weekends, smoking, and gambling. I would also take drugs. That was my cycle, but porn addiction was in there too becasue when I had low self-esteem, and I wanted a pick me up.

Porn is the go-to pick me up for many people – you become so wired to it becasue you crave the dopamine hit, but suddenly you’re caught up in the cycle of it and it becomes addictive.

It’s very common for an entrepreneur to lose connection to his purpose and then move into an addictive porn pattern.

Watching porn gives you a dopamine hit, it creates the feel-good hormone, and you become addicted to that stimulant. Because that feels good, you do it again. Then it happens more frequently.

Imagine a series of dots. Instead of the dot being spaced out once a week, it becomes once a day, and then it moves from once a day to twice a day, and then three times a day. Suddenly you’re in a pattern of doing something unhealthy. You may be thinking what is an unhealthy amount of porn versus a healthy amount of porn? My answer to that is you already know because you’re already sensing what feels right or wrong for you.

Break Free

When you get caught up in habit loops they can be very destructive for you and everything around you, but you can regain your power as soon as you start to break free of them.

Once you recognize and uncover the deeper pain you’re feeling you can move into taking action so you can start to reconnect with yourself and then reconnect with other people, rebuild your life, and get your power back.

You can change your habits.

If porn is dragging you down, it’s causing problems in your relationship, nonaction in your business, and you have a lack of confidence, know that you can change.

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